Exposed: how Hon.Kabanda benefited from the corrupt RDCs- NRM Mobilizer reveals

Date: 2022-04-01

By Hannah Marion Namukasa

Following claims by the Kasambya county legislator Hon. David Kabanda that officials at the ministry of the presidency were charging 20 million Uganda shillings to appoint one an Resident City Commissioner RCC and Resident District Commissioner RDC, Juliet Nakitende the National Resistance Movement Mobiliser NRM Masaka has come out and challenged Kabanda to table evidence.

"It's very unfortunate that many RDC'S were dropped because they couldn't afford hefty bribes asked by officials in the ministry of Presidency under Milly Babalanda. Understand it was required for each to pay 20M to retain their positions. SAD!" Twitter Hon. Kabanda


However, Juliet responded by alleging  that Hon Kabanda benefited from corrupt RDCs to ascend to his current position reason he can't stomach the demotion of his honchos,


"It should be recalled the President was tired of sloppy and inept RDCs who were just sleeping on the job, others playing around with responsibilities, resources, and service delivery


The president was also keen on RDCs who were riddled with scandals. Some scandals involved fights between fellow RDCs, technocrats, ministers, RDCs taking bribes, sex scandals, ordering the torture of citizens, colluding with land grabbers among others. These scandals undermined image and performance and at the same time portrayed a negative picture in the eyes of the public, donors, and potential investors.


Hon.Kabanda was one person who benefited from corrupt RDCs to ascend to his current position reason he can't stomach the demotion of his honchos, gullible Kabanda should assist police on the 20m claims-noscence!! If you mad Kabanda can adduse evidence of your claims as a law maker why didn't you complain legally to IGG, CID SHACU, you're known for always seeking relevancy via chaos, your dirty hands are known everywhere, you're a master of reverse phycology to gain out of intimidation kuluno hooo


Unearthing of the rot by Minister Ogwang who found almost everything in a mess—misuse of funds, fraud, corruption, and shoddy work among others—and RDCs in the areas he toured were blamed for not doing their supervisory work. It was also discovered that some RDCs were colluding with culprits to steal


Question is why are all woos heaped on Hon.Milly Babalanda, first and foremost the recently dropped RDCs had made it a hot deal to use their offices for lucrative deals to-date most of them are angry, bitting and grinding thier teeth for being sent home because of their inefficiency, the country should know Mzee promised total overhaul of lazy government workers, to this most have created negative social media networks to undermine the Minister which will yield nothing in the end-In the nxt episode those engaged in the smear campaign one by one will be named 


The President retains the prerogative to appoint anyone whether his wife or Son or brother. President Museveni has worked with the family of Magunda and that of Babalanda for over 40 years so what makes anyone think the president doesn't know the integrity and potential and the contribution this family has made to national development?? We all vividly know and remember that most RDCs being claimed to be from Busoga were appointed  in these positions during  Hon.Esther Mbayos tenure, anyway while Hon.Frank Tumwebaze was in Presidency docked didn't we have 10 RDCS from one subcounty?? Yes one subcounty


If the president appointed Late Magundas daughter Hon.Milly Babalanda to Presidency Minister what stops him from entrusting the family with more duties?? The President has his own style of leadership eg he has over time entrusted tough duties to his family members and they are delivering well. The reshuffle as shown above targeted potentiality and this was duly conducted by security, therefore those yapping over the Ministers name are simply wasting alot of thier precious time


Now simply because President Museveni has over time heaped praises over Babalanda because of hard work some Ministers feel they should discredit everything Milly Babalanda does-In the next episode minister by minister will be exposed, if anyone wants to catch the fountain of honors eyes please work hard


Next episode is the details land grabbers who had unfinished business and are afraid of the new RDC team 


The Mafia must be exposed" said Juliet Nakitende


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