Russia-Ukraine: over two million flee Ukraine, more Civilians evacuated from two areas under attack

Date: 2022-03-08

By BBC News

Civilians are being evacuated from two devastated areas of Ukraine after Russia agreed to pause attacks.

A convoy of buses and cars carrying mostly foreign students left the northern city of Sumy, while dozens of people left Irpin near Kyiv.

But Ukraine said Russia was violating another humanitarian corridor from the south-eastern city of Mariupol.

Previous evacuations have failed, with Russia accused of shelling routes.

The corridors are expected to stay open until 21:00.

The United Nations said more than two million people have now fled Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion nearly two weeks ago, more than half of them going to neighboring Poland.

Ukrainian cities have continued to come under heavy bombardment from Russian forces.

Russian and Ukrainian officials have held several rounds of talks in an attempt to agree humanitarian corridors.

Ukraine had described Russia's evacuation plans, many of which involve fleeing residents being sent to Russia, as cynical.

In Sumy, authorities say children were among 10 people killed in artillery strikes late on Monday.

But evacuations began from the city on Tuesday morning, with buses heading towards the city of Poltava, further south and away from the front lines.

Indian and Chinese students were among those evacuated. The Indian government said all of its 694 students in the city had left with the convoy.

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