Tokyabanja hit maker Eric Mugwanya outs new song titled “Tulo”

Date: 2022-03-12

By Kalule Paddy

Renowned Musician Eric Mugwanya has yet again released a brand new music audio titled Tulo.

In this new melodic song, the Byankukutu and Tokyabanja hit maker, Eric Mugwanya narrates how his fiancé’s love puts him in fix, makes him go crazy and makes his life well.

He goes ahead to reveal that he has for long been waiting to the extent that he loses sleep due to endless thinking and meditation on her love towards him.

The chorus partially goes “ Otulo otulo, tulo tulo, kulindiridde banga ddene nga mbulwa otulo, ndowooza kenkuwasizza nafuna otulo……”

In the same song Eric Mugwanya also tables a marriage proposal to her asserting that it’s only her love that restores his happiness and sleep.

The lyrics, great production and sweet flow of the song is just evident enough that the song will be embraced by all those that are already in love and those staring and in the dating process.

Eric Mugwanya hit the music scene with his Byankukutu(House girl) and mperekerako hit songs while still in the late Pastor Augustine Yiga’s revival band before he took a musical break for over five and late last returning with his Tokyabanja hit which has topped the country’s musical scene.

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