Katikkiro Mayiga responds to CJ Owiny Dollo attacks against Kabaka

Date: 2022-03-25

By Kabuye Ronald

The Buganda premier Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has on Friday morning responded to the Chief Justice Owiny Alfonse Dollo deceitful tribal statements against the Kabaka and Baganda.  


In a statement Katikiro Mayiga quoting demised speaker Jacob Oulanya’s maiden speech in May 2021 he said leaders should “put their faith in facts and sharpening arguments rather than raising our voices”.


Without quoting names but directing his response to the deceitful statements made by the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo that the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II  used a presidential jet to fly to Germany for medication in August 2021.Katikiro Mayiga said leaders must preserve the dignity  of Oulanya instead of employing words of divisionism at a time of mourning.


Mayiga clarified that when Kabaka went to Germany for medical reasons in August 2021,he used a commercial flight KLM and not a presidential jet.

It should be noted that at the vigil of the fallen speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah on Wednesday at late’s home in Muyenga Oulanyah blamed those who protested against flying the speaker to USA for treatment questioning why they never protested against Kabaka “benefiting from the same arrangement.”

Meanwhile Katikiro Mayiga who eulogized Oulanya said the late had a good relationship with the people of Buganda and that in May 2016 when the Katikkiro led a delegation to mark the death of Daudi Ochieng, Oulanya granted them good reception.

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