Biden not seeking Russia regime change - White House

Date: 2022-03-27

"For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power", US President Joe Biden said about his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin during a speech in Poland's capital Warsaw on Saturday.

This was quickly followed by the White House saying Biden wasn't calling for regime change, but was instead making a point about Putin not being allowed to exercise power over his neighbours.

This was clearly an attempt at rolling back - the concern is that this is going to put more pressure on Putin and make him more uneasy.

Given that he is the head of a country that is struggling militarily, and is in control of a nuclear arsenal, the concern on the Americans' part is that they don't want to back Putin into a corner.

Calling out for regime change directly could cause instability and increase unpredictability.

And the last thing you want in these circumstances is unpredictability.

Source: BBC News

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