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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Asia’s mother narrates her sickness, celebrities mourn her passing

Asia’s mother narrates her sickness, celebrities mourn her passing

The mother said: "When she went to pray on Sunday, in the night, her friends told me that she vomited a lot and had an upset stomach. Then we bought medicine for her and she started feeling better."

She went on: "She first reported toothache and I called you... then later her gum swelled. Then the stomach also swelled... and it start releasing fluids... I've not slept for two days."

The mother said she had never been had such health complications.


Her passing was announced Friday morning by SB4 Media: "Good morning.. the news I started the day with is sorrowful... our friend Asia is dead... We ask God to rest her soul in mercy. She died today morning, at around 4am... All we can say is, Asia Rest in Peace."

Celebrities took to social media to mourn her passing.

TV personality Sheilah Gashumba said: "Tik tok won’t be the same without Asia! Rest In Peace ❤️"

Lydia Jazmine posted: "Not waking up to such Bad news😢 Asia waffe! One person that could make me laugh effortlessly🥺 MHSRIP 🕊️"

Musician Ykee Benda tweeted: "Oh🤦‍♂️ RIP dear ♥️"

Radio host Martha Kay said: "How sad! 😞 death has robbed us of your comedy. Rest In Peace sweet girl💔"

Asia became a social media sensation after meeting SB4 who introduced her on TikTok alongside her friend Charles. Their organic style of content creation endeared them to the public.

Asia’s mother narrates her sickness, celebrities mourn her passing

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