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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Bobi Wine dismisses as “propaganda”, pictures linking him to gay rights

Bobi Wine dismisses as “propaganda”, pictures linking him to gay rights

Opposition National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has lambasted President Museveni’s government and its supporters for involving in “cheap propaganda” after his pictures were apparently edited to link him to gay rights and its activism.

A number of pictures have been making rounds on social media showing Bobi Wine holding gay rights symbols and flags while on his different tours abroad.

However, Bobi Wine has come out to release the original pictures, claiming that the ones that have been making rounds are fake and aimed at blackmail by Musevenists who want to drive a specific agenda.

“Whenever confronted about its grave human rights record and the great harm it has done to our country, the Museveni criminal regime resorts to blackmail! Paid propagandists spend countless hours faking and spreading such images to drive a known agenda! Ignore and treat with contempt!” Bobi said.

“While the partisan police and CMI casually abduct and torture our people accusing them of computer misuse and offensive communication, known Museveni propagandists have the leeway to fake anything against his opponents because they enjoy state protection!” Bobi continued.

He said no amount of lies or blackmail would deter the NUP in their quest for a better country that guarantees the rule of law, respect for human rights, proper education, better hospitals, good roads and a prosperous future.
“Nothing will stop us from pushing for accountability for crimes!”

Bobi Wine is on record for saying that as a believer in human rights, he believes homosexuals have rights too as human beings and should be respected.

“I believe in respect for everyone’s rights,” Bobi Wine said in an interview with SABC News previously.
President Museveni in January 2021 accused Bobi of being an agent of “foreign interests” and promoting homosexuality.

“He gets quite a lot of encouragement from foreigners and homosexuals,” he said. “Homosexuals are very happy with Bobi Wine. I think they even send him support.”

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