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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
British tourist collapses and dies at Masindi hotel

British tourist collapses and dies at Masindi hotel

A British tourist identified as Katelia Khushid Banu (37) has collapsed and died in a hotel room while on a visit to Uganda. 

The incident occurred this Monday, January 30 at Masindi Hotel in Masindi district. 

Masindi police, who are investigating the incident, have described Banu as a resident of the United Kingdom, from Leicester. She holds a UK passport.  

According to police, the hotel manager identified as Opio Esau who reported the case to the police said that the deceased with other nine relatives booked into the facility on January 29, 2023 for accommodation as tourists.

The report continues, “At around 8pm, the deceased ate vegetable soup for supper and at around 11:30pm, she entered room number 11 where she had booked for a night.” 

“However, at about 0000/hours on January 30,  2023. while her relatives were still out chatting, they heard an alarm from her bathroom,” the manager told the police.

“They responded immediately and found her on the floor but she explained to them that she showered normally but shortly after dressing up, she fell. They supported her and she sat outside with them before asking them to take her back into her room to sleep. Upon entering her room, she collapsed and died immediately,” he added.

In a statement, Julius Hakiza, the Albertine police regional police spokesperson said that the relatives told police that she was on treatment for high blood pressure and Diabetes. They believe this could have shortened her life. 

The deceased and her relatives travelled to Uganda on January 16, 2023 and they had been in Kampala until January 29, 2023 when they travelled to Masindi.

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