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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
DP asks gov’t to bring back Anti-Homosexuality Bill if it is serious about fighting the vice in Uganda

DP asks gov’t to bring back Anti-Homosexuality Bill if it is serious about fighting the vice in Uganda

Democratic Party (DP) has asked the government to bring back the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill if it serious about fighting the vice in the country.

The remarks come at the time when schools are opening for first term amidst the heated debates about homosexuality which has since taken shape across all corners of the country as people devise suggestions on how to protect the children against the vice.

Debates have already taken place on the floor of Parliament amid reports about sexual minorities gaining ground in schools.

Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has since directed the Education Committee to investigate schools suspected of encouraging LGBTQ rights. She told committee members to look into social media stories about gays in which a teacher is transferred from one school to another because of being gay.

Speaking to the media in Kampala on Tuesday, Ismail Kiirya the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) president who was speaking on behalf of the party, said homosexuality remains illegal in Uganda, despite a 2016 court ruling that found the 2014 Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act invalid on procedural grounds.

“The Penal Code Act still categorises homosexuality as a crime against morality. However, we don’t see any strong efforts by the Ugandan government to end homosexuality, if court nullified 2014 Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act on procedural grounds,” he said.

Kiirya said Ugandans need actions about homosexuality not just talks and media briefings.

“What else has this government done to criminalize homosexuality other than just talking about it? Bring back the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill if you’re really serious about it? Bringing the bill shows that all investigations were done before and it was confirmed that in deed homosexuality existed. What else are you investigating?” he queried.

Recently, Parliament called for an investigation into the conduct of students after pictures emerged showing them in poses that sections of society have found to be suggestive of same-sex relationships.

Among asked the Committee on Education and Sports to carry out the probe and report back to the House. However, a date on when the issue will be discussed was not issued.

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