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Thursday, 05 October 2023
Eddy Kenzo breaks silence on Big Eye's controversial comments

Eddy Kenzo breaks silence on Big Eye's controversial comments

Kenzo, who was speaking to the media on Friday upon his return to Kampala, said that he has the means to support musicians but they shouldn't expect him to go looking for them.

"This is business. Music is business... don't forget... Anyone who wants my help should come and ask for it... no one has ever come to me... Secondly, any artiste who feels they can no longer manage on their own should come and I sign them under my record label and promote them... a tree doesn't move to find a bird... I'm not going to have sleepless nights to become who I'm and then start moving around hunting for musicians [to help]... I hustle each and every day to make my people proud," Kenzo said.

"I don't try so hard to be close to anyone. I'm not a politician that I'm looking for support... I sell music and those who love it, enjoy it... Any musician who doesn't like what I'm doing, do your thing; I will root for you."

His comments came on the back of remarks by singer Big Eye who said that Kenzo is a selfish musician who doesn't want to see other singers get to his level.

Asked to speak to Eye directly, Kenzo said: "I've been hearing what he has been saying... but I've not yet figured out his intentions, when I finally do, I will speak about it... let me first do research."

Big Eye was under Kenzo’s Big Talent Entertainment for a year before he left to start his own record label named Big Music Entertainment. He has said their separation was harmonious.

Eddy Kenzo breaks silence on Big Eye's controversial comments

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