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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Environmentalists ask manufacturers to curb poor waste management

Environmentalists ask manufacturers to curb poor waste management

 Environmentalists in Kasese have asked manufacturing companies to take action against poor waste management.

Under their consortium, ‘The World Without Waste Revolution’, they are also demanding manufacturers have waste management policies. They argue that poor waste disposal remains a main challenge for local authorities largely due to the lack of sensitization of the masses.

The consortium has started seven days of activities in Kasese district to mobilize the local community on proper and profitable waste management.

Robert Rukumbuka, the Executive Director of Feel for Afrika Rights Alliance said that the escalating climate crisis threats are a result of poor waste disposal and can only be dealt with by holding the manufacturers responsible.

He said there is a need for manufacturers to support the establishment of waste management transfer centers in all areas where their products have a presence.

Muzafaru Ssekulima, the Executive Director Kainawo Waste Management Services says that waste disposal should start with the generation of garbage. He added that manufacturers must be responsible for improving proper waste management as the country struggles to contain the use of plastics and polythene bags.

He said that during a waste collection exercise in Kasese town alone, they were able to pick 87 different brands littered in the environment of the town.

Matthias Mwesige who heads Rafik Justice and Environment Organization based in Kasese noted that poor waste disposal is a common environmental conservation challenge amid urbanization.

He says that if manufacturers don’t encourage their product consumers to manage waste, the efforts of other stakeholders will never have a significant impact.

Edson Shateta Mbusa, a teacher and Bamboo tree grower from Karusandara sub county says due to environmental pollution, land productivity in the Rwenzori has significantly gone down over the years and this is affecting people’s livelihoods.

He wants manufacturers of all products sold in plastics and polythene bags to be responsible for disseminating messages on proper waste disposal.

Pasikezia Mbambu, a teacher at Kasese primary wants manufacturers to put in place waste disposal facilities in all areas where their products are supplied.

She noted that the solution to the problem lies in crafting new policies that can be adopted by the county to boost the fight against plastic pollution.

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