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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Gay recruiters targeting the poor, says police

Gay recruiters targeting the poor, says police

Police have accused supporters of gay rights of spreading their message by targeting and recruiting adolescents from impoverished and vulnerable homes.

This was revealed by Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, while briefing the country on the two weekend incidences in which two male suspects were apprehended in relation to sexual offences against their fellow men.

In addition, there have been rumours of supporters of gay rights actively spreading their message in several schools across the country. 

Enanga claims that after studying a number of recordings, police learned that young boys and girls are being groomed and encouraged into child sex networks, which leads them into sodomy and unnatural sex practices.

He stated that in some videos, particularly those on TikTok, and in some recordings transmitted live to a large number of people who subscribe to these child sex networks, adults in masks take girls and boys through sex exploitation.

“Our country has taken a firm stand against child sex exploitation. However, certain gay acts have been condemned in our country, and as a result, there are a number of campaigns against our country,” Enanga said while reacting to videos where the public has accused the police of not doing enough to fight spread of homosexuality.

He pointed out that the victims of sodomy in most cases don’t go forward to report to police yet the practices of homosexuality are secretive in nature and sometimes not visible because they are hidden.

“You find that even victims are reluctant to come to police and without victims coming up, it is harder for us to identify them and subject them to medical examination,” he said.

Adding that “most of the victims are from poor and vulnerable backgrounds. This is not acceptable and that is why we are coming out to ensure that as the joint security agencies do everything to safeguard our children.”

As a result, the police spox urged the public to join them in combating sexual exploitation because they have skilled investigators who can help hunt down the perpetrators.

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