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Sunday, 02 April 2023
How Afro Mobile is supporting the creatives and Arts industry

How Afro Mobile is supporting the creatives and Arts industry

Afro Mobile, a local digital content distribution platform in the form of a mobile application and web portal for PC and TV that distributes audio, text, and video content, continues to add even more content creators to its collection.

The app has already surpassed the 1 million download mark and has 382 podcasts, 244 DJ mixes, 29 television stations, and 49 Radio stations with over 140,000 active users.

Afro Mobile partners with various stakeholders in the creative space, including television and radio stations, content producers, and broadcasters, to provide access to high-quality content from across East Africa to audiences everywhere.

The platform provides a wide range of content, from news and current affairs to entertainment, music, and sports. From such a vast platform, one wonders how the creatives and the cultural sector are supported.

Speaking at the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Creative Industries launch, Kevin Kaija, General Manager of Afro Mobile, noted that the platform is aware of the impact the creative industries can have.

Kaija said, “We understand the impact the creative industry can have and appreciate that there are multiple challenges facing it in East Africa, particularly the lack of skills to compete on an international level and other issues that Afro Mobile is working towards rectifying for all platform content creators.”

Some of the things Afro Mobile is doing to make sure the Ugandan creatives industry flourishes include;
exploring avenues and partnerships that will skill creative content creators, thereby increasing their employability and offering them a market-access platform. This further expands the content reach and brings more value to the community of content creators.

They provide skilling and mentorship opportunities to help content creators reach their full potential and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the competitive global marketplace.

Revenue generation through monetisation of the app: Content creators earn from their work through app subscriptions, creating a stable income source and encouraging more creatives to pursue their passion.

Create networking opportunities: Afro Mobile allows artists and creatives to connect, form collaborations, and build partnerships. This has resulted in new opportunities for artists to showcase their work and grow their brands.

These are a few solutions to the issues the entire creatives industry faces.

Rachael Magola, the Chairperson of Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Creative Industries, conceived the idea to bring the creatives, Arts, and culture industry together after realising that the sector is more significant than it is portrayed.

The singer, songwriter, dancer, and politician is lobbying for the formulation, enactment, and implementation of Policy, Legal, Regulatory, and Institutional frameworks that conserve, promote, and spur the growth and sustainability of Culture, Heritage, and the Cultural and Creative Industries in Uganda.

Kaija added, “We believe that by collaborating, we can create a thriving and sustainable creative ecosystem in Uganda that supports the growth and success of our artists, content creators, and partner organizations. Afro Mobile is proud to work with such a forward-thinking set of partners and looks forward to a bright future for the creative industries in Uganda and East Africa.”

The Afro Mobile app is available on mobile and tablet on both Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store free-of-charge and can be accessed via PC and Smart TV via www.afromobile.com.

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