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Sunday, 02 April 2023
I am coming back with a bang, says lawyer Mabirizi

I am coming back with a bang, says lawyer Mabirizi

Maverick lawyer male Mabirizi has said with a few months left on his 18 month jail sentence, he is ready to come back with a bang.

“If I have been able to file over 80 cases while in prison, wait when I get out. I will continue from where I stopped, even with more vigor,” Mabirizi told the Nile Post on Thursday morning.

High Court judge, Musa Ssekaana last year issued an arrest warrant for Mabirizi to serve his 18 month sentence handed to him over his continued attacks on judicial officers.

The arrest warrant was issued after  the maverick lawyer was found  him guilty for contempt of court for the second time after the Attorney General’s lawyers told court that despite an earlier warning to Mabirizi to desist from attacking judicial officers, he never relented and to this, he used social media platforms to attack judges.

The Attorney General accused Mabirizi of describing Justice Musa Ssekaana of being incompetent, biased and not fit to head the smallest court of a family as well as not being competent enough to a grade two magistrate, the lowest ranked magistrate.

Basing on this, Justice Ssekaana reasoned with the Attorney General and issued an arrest warrant to have Mabirizi arrested to serve the 18 month jail term.

He was later arrested from Kyambogo University before being taken to Kitalya mini-max prison.

Speaking to Nile Post on Thursday, the lawyer said whereas his “tormentors” expected him to back off, he has only grown tougher in prison.

“They expected me to go and apologise or even back off but that will never happen. I am stronger than ever.  This is my last month here and in March, I will be getting out of prison to start from where I stopped in championing the rule of law in the country,” he retorted.

Asked about the condition in prison, the jolly and healthy looking lawyer said the situation is no different from school times.

“In my school, I used to wake up at 5am and sleep at 10pm and the situation in prison is almost like that. There is nothing new here.”

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