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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
I have never dated Mowzey Radio- Zuena

I have never dated Mowzey Radio- Zuena

Zuena Kirema, the wife to self-proclaimed Big Size Moses Sali alias Bebe Cool has come out finally to clear the air that she has never dated her husband’s former nemesis Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije alias Mowzey Radio.

In a video from the gossip site Mbu ug, Zuena confirms that there was a rivalry between the late Mowzey Radio and her husband and she was in the middle of it, but it had nothing to do with her and Goodlyf crew member.

“They had their fights with Bebe Cool, so to hurt him more they decided to sing about his wife ( because he loves her most). When the Zuena song was produced, I did not know who sang it even,” she said.

“One time we were in a nightclub with Bebe Cool so he saw Radio from a distance and showed him to me. I looked at him clearly and still could not remember seeing him anywhere before, not even in Jinja where I stayed for 16 years,” she added.

According to Zuena, from that night, her husband made peace with the fact that Mowzey had nothing to do with his wife and he even actually consoled her saying “after all he gave you more fame by singing about you.”

“Truth be told, I have never dated Mowzey,” she said.

Mowzey Radio became a household name in the music industry over the years, thanks to his lyrical masterclass and angelic voice.

He, together with colleague Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel formed the Goodlyf crew singing duo and together they released a series of songs that got Ugandans interested, including one dubbed Zuena, a song that insinuated Mowzey had had a relationship with the former beauty queen.

On January 22 2018, Mowzey was involved in an altercation at a bar in Entebbe, the altercation turned violent and he was allegedly punched by a bouncer who threw him over, cracking his skull.

 The singer was rushed to Case clinic for medical support but could not make it, consequently succumbing to head injuries on February 1st 2018.

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