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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
IGG Kamya gives 24000 leaders 30 days  to declare wealth or face sanctions

IGG Kamya gives 24000 leaders 30 days to declare wealth or face sanctions

The Inspectorate of Government, Beti Kamya has given leaders 30 days to declare their wealth in accordance with the law or face sanctions.

Addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Tueday, Kamya said Articles 233(2) and 234 of the Constitution and section 4 of the Leadership Code Act require political leaders and appointed leaders to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities every two years.

“The previous declaration was done in March 2021 and therefore all those leaders specified above are required to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities in March 2023. The exercise will run from March 1 and close on March 31. Please take serious note that there is no provision in the law to extend this period,”Kamya said.

The Inspectorate of Government explained that declaring of wealth in this regard is meant for elected leaders from LC3 upwards to the president, persons appointed by the president including permanent secretaries, heads of public institutions, board members of public institutions and executive leaders of registered political parties among others.

According to the Leadership Code director, Joram Magezi, at least 24,000 leaders fall under this category.

The IGG explained that leaders will be required to declare their wealth using the IG-online declaration system which will be opened on March 1 and closed on March 31.

The Inspectorate of Government said there will be serious sanctions for leaders for non-declaration, under-declaration, over declaration, falsification of facts  and anticipatory declaration of income, assets and liabilities.

“Sanctions for breach of the code include fines, warning, caution, demotion, dismissal from office, vacation of office , confiscation and forfeiture of illicitly acquired assets , gifts or benefits to the government. Therefore any leader who will not have declared by March 31 will be in violation of the law,”Kamya said.

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