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Sunday, 02 April 2023
MC Kats blasts Julius Kyazze again; says he’ll regift Pallaso’s car to his wife.

MC Kats blasts Julius Kyazze again; says he’ll regift Pallaso’s car to his wife.

Kats, who expected Swangz Avenue to let Nwagi perform for free because of the favours he had previously done for Kyazze, was shocked when they asked him to pay Shs2.5 million.

While this enraged Kats, people who talked to Kyazze, have said that the price they gave to Kats was lower compared to what they normally charge others who want to book Nwagi.

Kats-Kyazze story


While appearing on the YouTube channel of Isaac Daniel Katende, alias Kasuku, Kats said he met Kyazze when he was managing dancers and he hadn't built a network in the music industry.

The lanky emcee said he had already become a celebrity then and Kyazze approached him to accompany them in schools to promote his then-baby Buzz Magazine, a publication targeting secondary school students.

Buzz would later turn into an events company hosting student-facing events during holidays.

Kats said he was involved in promoting these events but Kyazze never paid him. He also said that he introduced Kyazze to most big-name musicians at the time.

"I'm the one who introduced you to the likes of Vampos [Vampos was close friends with Benon Mugumbya, the current partner of Kyazze]... Julius Kyazze, without fear or favour, there are people I can talk about here whom you scammed... I met you when you were managing dancers... If you wanna sue me, sue me... I'm hard and you know... I met you when you were managing four dancers," Kats claimed. "Julius... I don't fear you... Because I know you..."


He went on: "You are f*cking user in this industry... You may be a billionaire but you are going to die sad... I'm going to die happy... I don't have money, but I'm going to die happy... You are going to be a mean, sad useless motherf*cker... Go sue me," he said, adding that it was the last time he will talk about the issue though he said there are many people in the industry that are angry at Kyazze.

This reporter was not able to get comment from Kyazze.

Meanwhile, Pius Mayanja, better known as Pallaso, recently gifted Kats, born Edwin Katamba, a car of Audi brand.

But now Kats says he will give it to his wife.

"I'll give it to my wife. Pallaso gifted me, now I'll regift... I'll give it away ... Pallaso I thank you but I'll regift it," Kats said.

Pallaso and Kats have known each other from as far as 2002 and Kats gave Pallaso his first opportunity to perform at an event.

MC Kats blasts Julius Kyazze again; says he’ll regift Pallaso’s car to his wife.

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