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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Namuganza has no discipline as a person- Nambooze

Namuganza has no discipline as a person- Nambooze

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament has said that her counterpart, Bukono County Member of Parliament Persis Namuganza has disciplinary issues as an individual.

Nambooze made the comments in light of Namuganza’s censure in parliament over misconduct. She made the statements while appearing on NBS TV’s Barometer show.

“Hon. Persis Namuganza is indisciplined as a person. She always finds herself in situations where she goes personal with other people,” Nambooze said.

Adding that Namuganza’s weakness is always getting personal while disagreeing with people.

“She even had an issue with Rebecca Kadaga”.

Nambooze says that there needs to be a bigger probe into where Namuganza gets all her power and several questions should be asked of those who appoint her or give her directives.

“Where does Hon Persis Namuganza get all this power? She is an attack girl of the regime.”

She however opined that Namuganza despite being censured for misconduct, emerged victorious as she was let off the hook over the Naguru Land Case alleged fraud.

“I think Namuganza won. They didn’t censure her for the Naguru land case but for her misconduct. There was a probe by COSASE into the Naguru land case with Namuganza in the centre of it, but she said it was a Presidential directive,” she said.

“They all knew it was a President’s directive but still wanted her to be answerable. She, therefore said the Speaker was against her because her (Namuganza’s) husband refused to marry the two ( Among and Magogo),” she added.

Maj (RTD) Okwir Rwabwoni, a former legislator also concurs, urging that parliament should not have wasted time censuring Namuganza over misconduct, but rather used the opportunity to handle the Naguru land saga.



“The Office of the Speaker is an important office, the former Speakers were very careful about how they handled public affairs, not in the media. The matter before Parliament should have been the Naguru land issue.”

Member of Parliament for Buyaga West Constituency Barnabas Tinkasimire also said that the censure of Namuganza should have come earlier.

Tinkasimire who has had his own fair share of disciplinary issues with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to the extent of being referred to as a rebel MP says that Namuganza has for long taken the House for granted and whatever happened to her is most deserving.

“What was done to Namuganza should have been done a long time ago, ask us who were with her in the 10th Parliament. She just survived,” he said.

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