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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
NSSF probe gets hot, Lyomoki vows never to return…

NSSF probe gets hot, Lyomoki vows never to return…

The Secretary General of the Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions(COFTU) Dr. Sam Lyomoki has written to the parliamentary committee investigating the chaos at NSSF informing them that he will not attend any other hearing by the committee.

In a February, 1 letter, Lyomoki described the committee as being conflicted, prejudiced and biased that serves no purpose.

“…. In addition to allowing a public display of falsehood and denying the affected COFTU leadership defence against baseless allegations, the committee abandoned the agenda of the meeting, put our leaders under duress and devoted all their time to the fabrications, falsehoods and wrangling from their mercenaries,” Lyomoki said.

During the hearing by the select committee, Job Richard Matua, a saver with the Fund accused the COFTU Secretary General of illegally nominating himself and his “girlfriend” Penninah Tukamwesigwa to the NSSF board.

Lyomoki  was also accused of illegally  asking for the release of Shs1billion to fund  COFTU activities   from NSSF .

However, in the heavy worded letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament Lyomoki said there is a well-crafted agenda against him and other COFTU leaders.

“Clearly, the committee is merely posturing and a space for public humiliation and injury of my integrity and that my colleague and deputy Secretary General Penninah Tukamwesigwa in order to sanitise an already concluded decision against us. This is just a continuation of the suffering and humiliation I have endured in the fund for now over a year due to my stand for the truth and best interest of the least of these whom I represent,” he said in the letter.

Lyomoki insisted COFTU will not return to the probe committee.

“We have decided that while we consider other options for redress and whereas the committee had invited us to appear on February, 3, 2023, COFTU doesn’t want to be associated with such uncivility and therefore won’t appear before a cleared prejudiced, biased and conflicted committee with a predetermined agenda and whose intentions are now already discernable.”

The letter comes a few days to COFTU leadership’s scheduled appearance before the committee on Friday and key among the issues that answers will be sought is the shs1 billion that Lyomoki’s group asked for from NSSF.

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