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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Precious Remmie reveals lie she told Bindeeba amidst breakup rumours

Precious Remmie reveals lie she told Bindeeba amidst breakup rumours

"The very first date I had with him, he told me, are you seeing someone? I'm like yeah, I'm seeing someone," Remmie said in an interview shared on TikTok.

Interviewer: "You lied?"

Remmie: "Yeah... and he told me, are you married, like, officially married? I'm like, no. But I'm in a relationship. And he told me, I saw you... the very first time I saw you, I felt you should be my wife. So, I do not want to date you, I want to marry you."


Meanwhile, Remmie is said to have split with Bindeeba with whom they celebrated their first engagement anniversary in October 2022.

The couple had even introduced each other to their parents.

But it is said that Bindeeba, who also goes by Benedict Muhangizi, rekindled romance with his ex-girlfriend Joan Komuyimbo, alias Joy.

The couple lives together in California, US, according to Routineblast.com, which also reported that they broke up in November 2022 after Remmie discovered Bindeeba had been talking to his ex.

Joy is said to have previously dated crooner Ragga Ben, who sang Gear Lever with Pia Pounds and Eddy Kenzo.


Their breakup, if true, will make Remmie social media fodder for a while, as she was always frank when defending her relationship, making it look like it was forever.

She even recently joked that Bindeeba saved her from broke Ugandan men.

"My husband saved me from Uganda men who have been blown by dust and given up on life. He has loved me the way whites love their women," she said.

Both Bindeeba and Remmie haven’t publicly spoken about the split.

Precious Remmie reveals lie she told Bindeeba amidst breakup rumours

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