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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Reject excessive requirements by govt schools- VP Alupo

Reject excessive requirements by govt schools- VP Alupo

The Vice President Ms Jessica Alupo, has asked parents to shun taking any requirement for their children in schools under universal education ahead of school reopening next week.

Ms Alupo urged parents to take all the children on day one without fear of anything because the government has provided everything in those schools.

“Schools are opening next week and we are requesting you to take back all the children on Day One, especially for those in both Universal Secondary and Primary Schools because all the charges have been abolished by government,” she said.

She was speaking during her visit to Mayuge District where she toured the government demonstration farm before launching a fundraising drive for the construction of St Joseph’s Catholic Church-Bukooba in Kityerera Sub County; organised by the Third Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Rukia Isanga Nakadama.

Ms Alupo said even school uniforms should not be a stumbling block to taking these learners back to school since parents can get them later.

‘’Let the children be in class and uniforms find them there; some parents may not even be able to afford uniforms,’’ she said, advising parents to instead provide scholastic materials to facilitate their children's studies without any extra charge.

According to Ms Alupo, the NRM government introduced universal education so that all people can be able to access education to prepare them for future government positions when the current leaders get out of power.

She thanked Ugandans for the continued support towards President Museveni and the NRM government, saying such support should be maintained in the next elections.

Ms Nakadama said unity in Mayuge District, which she represents as a Woman MP, enabled the fundraising drive to be launched raising close to Shs100m in cash and pledges.

The Mayuge District LC5 Chairman, Bishop Frank Tibagendaka, said he is committed to supporting universal education in the district to enable parents to educate their children without any hurdles.

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