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Sunday, 03 December 2023
Speaker Among talks tough on gays as Pastor Ssempa ‘drags’ Chameleone to police

Speaker Among talks tough on gays as Pastor Ssempa ‘drags’ Chameleone to police

In the video of Pallaso's latest song titled Bega Bega, Chameleone is also seen dancing with him in a manner that some observers have said should be left to a man and a woman. Pallaso is also Chameleone’s brother.

Ssempa, who has always been vocal against homosexuality, said that Chameleone and others that want to normalise such practices are transferring them to kids at a young age.

"We've come here [at] police [he didn't say the name of the police station] to put a complaint on this issue of public immorality," Ssempa said in a video shared on social media.

"Chameleone and his brother were seen kissing each other... this thing is against God's command and the order of logic. We are asking the police to investigate this issue. Why is he kissing his brother? Why are they dancing like a man and a woman? Children are watching this all over the country on social media and so we are saying we don't want this to happen really."

When this reporter spoke to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Partick Onyango on whether Chameleone could be arrested over kissing his brother, he said he needs to first look at the reference of the case that Ssempa filed.

This reporter reached out to Ssempa requesting for the reference and it will be shared here (and with Onyango for further clarity) once he responds.

Meanwhile, Speaker Anita Among summoned parliament to discuss the Anti-Homosexuality Bill on Wednesday.

In a video shared on Twitter, Among said that lawmakers won't watch as Ugandan traditional values go down the gutter.

"We will not appreciate the values of Ugandans that they are destroying... We do not need their money... and on that note, therefore, as an institution of parliament... that passes the laws, tomorrow we are going to bring a bill on anti-homosexuality... and I want to request the religious leaders, that this time around, be there to see who is who," Among said.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill was first passed in 2013 before it was repealed after it emerged that the house had not realised a quorum in passing it at the time.

Among said this time voting will be by show of hands, so they determine who is pro-homosexuality or anti-homosexuality.

Speaker Among talks tough on gays as Pastor Ssempa ‘drags’ Chameleone to police

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