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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Uganda at Length Episode 5 - 10 Things You should not share with any one

Uganda at Length Episode 5 - 10 Things You should not share with any one


    10 Life Secrets you should not share with anyone not even your wife - Uganda at Length

    So many people in the world today feel that by revealing an information about themselves to, maybe their friends whether on social media or real time will in some way make them relevant in the society, but that particular school of thought has in many ways proven to be false and repulsive in recent times.

    Secrets are like magnetic force and I’m pretty sure you know what that is. Well for some of my readers that are not too familiar with physics, magnetic force is an attraction or repulsion that arises between electrically charged particles because of their motion. Now, in relation to that definition, secrets reveal a whole lot about us and that could result to two things: either we are being envied by the people we reveal ourselves to or we get admired for telling them our secrets. Whatever the case maybe, it is still uncertain about the actual reaction of those we reveal ourselves to.


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    Uganda at Length 5 2023-02-08 Babu Hussein 10 things You should not share with anyone


    The bitter truth is that not everyone is happy about your success, so therefore, it becomes necessary to keep all that good stuff going on in your life to yourself, if you really want to attract more friends than enemies and eventually succeed in life which I think is the ultimate goal of every ,man on Earth.


    Whatever happens in your family stays between every members of the family. It shouldn’t be spread like wildfire. Sometimes, involving a third party in a matter that should have been kept in the family is one of the causes of breakups.

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