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Sunday, 02 April 2023
UPDF MPs were excused  from Namuganza censure vote – Kulayigye

UPDF MPs were excused from Namuganza censure vote – Kulayigye

The UPDF has clarified on claims that its representatives in the Parliament boycotted Monday sitting that voted on censure of the state minister for Lands, Princess Persis Namuganza.

On Monday, the Parliament was full its capacity as legislators voted on a censure motion brought against Namuganza over derogatory remarks and disrespectful conduct.

However, none of the 10 army representatives attended the sitting, leaving many to wonder if they had boycotted the session.

On Tuesday, the army spokesperson, Brig Felix Kulayigye clarified that the MPs did not turn up because they had requested and been given permission to stay away. 

He added that this decision followed wide consultations regarding the matter.

“UPDF MPs did not ‘boycott’ parliament, but excused themselves from the sitting after wide consultations over the matter.,” Kulayigye said.

During the Monday sitting, 348 MPs voted in favour of censuring Namuganza, 5 voted against the motion while 3 MPs abstained.

Namuganza’s censure followed an adhoc committee chaired by the MP, Mwine Mpaka that recommended the minister’s removal from her ministerial position for her role in the Naguru-Nakawa land allocation and contempt of parliament.

In its report, the committee found Namuganza liable of misleading the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) into illegal allocation of Nakawa-Naguru land to some investors.

The minister was also found liable for putting Parliament’s image in disrepute when through social media and TV interviews, questioned the powers and integrity of the adhoc committee.

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