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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Video: Deejay Crim remixes Libianca's 'People'

Video: Deejay Crim remixes Libianca's 'People'

Libianca, 22, introduces the song: "Ohhh; I've been drinking more alcohol for the past 5 days; Did you check on me? Now did you look for me? I walked in the room... Did you check on me? Now did you notice me?... You won't see how buried I am inside my grave."

In the remix, Crim, real name George Agaba, renders: "Uganda needs my vision, call me a mineral; Look at my rap style is so original. Diss me for better or worse I'll steal your gal; hahaha; end U in a funeral. Am the number one supplier of w**d; UCC signal Kashari raised me in life so biblical; getting so paranoid I feel it's sinical."

He goes on: "Libianca lives in a life of Jericho; Friends ain't friends unless it's beneficial; only check on u like kids dancing calypso; U known we into that DJ Disco; better check on us we so lazy; I'll be smoking and drinking so heavy."


On his Instagram, Crim said the remix was produced by Andy Muzic and the video directed by Biko. It was released yesterday.

During a recent interview, Libianca said the song was inspired by his lowest moments.

"I wrote people around thanksgiving time, and I have cyclothymia, and so there is lows and highs, and it was during a low, and I was just battling that in silence, and so eventually one day, there was a thanksgiving going on in the house and I decided, you know, I should just go in the studio and get something done cause I knew that would make me feel better and whatever comes out, comes out," she said.

"And that's how people came out when I sat down at the recording studio."

Meanwhile, Crim also has some other new song produced by Andy Muzik, titled Today's Price.

Video: Deejay Crim remixes Libianca's 'People'

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