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14 Stranger Things Characters Who Deserve A Happy Ending In Season 5

14 Stranger Things Characters Who Deserve A Happy Ending In Season 5

Now that Stranger Things will end with season 5, these are the characters who deserve a happy ending in the final season of the Duffer Brothers’ hit Netflix series. Ever since Hawkins, Indiana became the gateway to the Upside Down and the playground of all its most formidable creatures, fans have watched as superhuman Eleven and her motley crew of friends have tried to keep the forces of darkness from spreading. Each Stranger Things character has suffered grief and loss balancing the complexities of everyday life like work, school, and love with the impending dread of hell on Earth. At the end of season 4 Hopper and Joyce had been reunited with nearly all the children, but the reunion was bittersweet after the devastation caused by Vecna, the eldritch horror that Eleven helped inadvertently create. With Dustin reeling from the loss of Eddie, Max hospitalized and fighting for her life, Murray missing, and no clear strategy of how the party defeats Vecna for good, it’s almost impossible to envision closure with so much at stake, but the season will have a significant time jump that might help. Every single one of these characters deserves a happy ending after the incredible obstacles they’ve overcome to get to this point



0:00 – Enzo
0:20 – Murray
0:35 – Nancy
0:48 – Robin
1:01 – Lucas
1:19 – Jonathan
1:31 – Dustin
1:42 – Mike
1:53 – Will
2:03 – Max
2:16 – Steve
2:30 – Joyce
2:40 – Hopper
2:56 – Eleven

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