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Comedian Maulana Kasozi Faces Child Neglect Allegations:

Comedian Maulana Kasozi Faces Child Neglect Allegations:

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, comedian Maulana Kasozi, one half of the celebrated comedy duo Maulana and Reign, finds himself at the center of a deeply distressing controversy involving child neglect. The mother of his three children, Shubira Naluja, has come forward with an emotional account of his failure to fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

According to Naluja, life has taken a tumultuous turn for her and her children. “He is not doing anything,” she revealed on Bukedde TV, struggling to hold back tears. “I struggle to look for what to feed the children. The landlord is demanding rent, and previously, he used to visit and leave with pennies that couldn’t help us. And when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, he asked me to give him the children.”

Determined to seek justice, Naluja rushed to Mwanga 2 Court in Mengo, where Maulana was eventually summoned. After being confronted with the gravity of the situation, he agreed to provide financial support—promising to send the family Shs15,000 daily, cover the rent, and pay school fees. However, after three months, he abruptly stopped.

Now, the landlord has issued an ultimatum to Naluja: vacate the house due to three months of rent arrears, with the deadline looming at the close of business today. To make matters worse, two of the children are scheduled to attend school on Monday, and their mother is wracked with uncertainty over their ability to secure the necessary school fees.

In a phone interview with the same station, Maulana admitted that he failed in his duties as a father. However, he also revealed that he had requested to have custody of the children, a plea that Naluja had steadfastly refused.

This distressing tale highlights the harrowing consequences of child neglect and the far-reaching impact it has on families. The desperate plea of a mother, struggling to provide for her children, exposes the unfortunate reality faced by countless individuals in similar circumstances.

As this shocking story continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder that no child should have to endure the pain of neglect. Let us hope that justice prevails, and measures are taken to safeguard the welfare of the innocent.

Big Smog, also known as Mulinda Akiibu, is a passionate professional graphics designer, web developer, and content writer. With a unique blend of artistic and technical abilities, He creates captivating visual experiences and seamlessly weaves words into captivating narratives


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