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Adrien Broner On Prime For Prime, Againest Floyd Mayweather

Adrien Broner On Prime For Prime, Againest Floyd Mayweather

“50 tried and all 50 failed.”

Whenever he was called out, Floyd Mayweather made sure that his competition realized that he was unbeatable. During his era, Mayweather fought them all. Hall of Famers such as Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, and Oscar De La Hoya weren’t good enough to take him down. However, the only reason Mayweather managed to skate through his career undefeated, was because he was fortunate enough to not cross paths with Adrien Broner.

“I think I would’ve beat him,” said Broner on The Art Of Dialogue. “I feel like I would’ve beat him.”

Mayweather, although he has vacillated in the past between hanging ‘em up and continuing to fight, seems to be enjoying retirement. He was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame and hasn’t shown an interest in returning to the sport. He has, however, participated in several exhibitions, racking in millions of dollars for each appearance.

As for Broner, the 34-year-old has seen better days. Outside of his current two-fight win streak, Broner once went three years without picking up a single victory.

At the moment, the Cincinnati, Ohio, native is focused on becoming a world champion once again. But, he continued to daydream about how a matchup with Mayweather would’ve played out. It’s all irrelevant at this point, but Broner is confident that despite Mayweather being an all-time great and one of his idols growing up, he would’ve held the edge had they met in the ring.

“I’ll never say anybody can beat me. I don’t wanna go that deep into it but maybe we get in there and he f—— me up. I’ll learn from that. Maybe we get in there and we go tit for tat. I’ll learn from that. Maybe we get in there and I f—- you up Floyd, I still learn from that.” 

Broner was scheduled to return on December 2, but suffered a training camp injury and saw his next fight pushed back to late February.


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