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Catherine Kusasira Announces Run for Woman MP in 2026

Catherine Kusasira Announces Run for Woman MP in 2026

Musician and Presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira has set her sights on a new goal – becoming a Member of Parliament for Women in 2026. The talented artist, known for her hit songs and close relationship with the President, has expressed her intentions to run for office in the upcoming elections.

Preparing for the Position of Woman MP

In an exclusive interview, Kusasira explained that she is already making preparations for the position and ensuring that all the required qualifications are in place by the year 2026. She emphasized the importance of being well-prepared and having the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively represent the women in her district.

Qualifications and Preparations for 2026

“I will be a graduate by then and will have all the necessary qualifications for that position. I am running for Woman Member of Parliament in 2026,” she announced confidently.

Kusasira’s determination to make a difference in the lives of women in her district is evident in her commitment to obtaining the necessary qualifications.


Catherine Kusasira’s Road to Graduation

The singer, who is currently pursuing a degree, is determined to complete her studies before the 2026 elections. This shows her dedication and determination to not only succeed in the music industry but also in the political arena.

Keeping Her Cards Close: Revealing the District

While Kusasira has made her intentions clear, she has chosen to keep the district she will be running in a secret for now. She stated that she will only reveal the district when the time comes, showing her strategic approach to the campaign.

Kusasira’s Determination to Make a Difference

With her experience as a musician and her role as a Presidential advisor, Kusasira has a unique perspective on the issues facing women in her community. She hopes to use her platform and influence to bring about positive change and empower women to have a voice in politics.

From Music to Politics: Catherine Kusasira’s Journey

Kusasira’s decision to enter politics may come as a surprise to some, but it is a natural progression for the talented artist. Her passion for her country and her desire to make a difference have led her on this new path, and she is determined to succeed.


All in all, Catherine Kusasira’s plans to contest for the position of Woman MP in 2026 show her determination and dedication to serving her community. Her qualifications, preparations, and determination make her a strong candidate for the role. As the time draws nearer, all eyes will be on Kusasira as she reveals the district she will be running in. For more information on Kusasira and her journey, visit her official website or social media pages.

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