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Dagy Nyce on women’s struggles admiring celebs, calls for respect

Dagy Nyce on women’s struggles admiring celebs, calls for respect

Television presenter Dagy Nyce has shed light on why women who admire public figures deserve respect, emphasizing the challenges they face, particularly on social media where they often encounter trolling.

“Flowers to women who love public figures, Banange Tukooya. #DagyNyceAT10,” he tweeted.

Nyce’s relationship with the “muzungu” wife, who shares a child with him, has been the subject of public interest but their relationship remained relatively low-key, however, Nyce did share glimpses of their wedding ceremony at one point.

In the past, Nyce was linked to singer Carol Nantongo, sparking rumors of a romantic involvement. However, both parties denied any romantic ties, insisting they were simply friends. More recently, Nyce introduced another lady as his girlfriend, publicly acknowledging their relationship during his 10-year celebration in the entertainment industry.

In a separate post, he thanked his girlfriend — Ritah for taking care of him in everything.

“Bambi Rita…❤️ Women do a lot for us Men & we take it for granted. From making sure we feed well, Laundry, Emotional comfort & so much more. Okusiima sii ki bbi Banange 🙏🙏🙏 #DagyNyceAT10 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬 — 2024

Dagy Nyce (@dagy_nyce) January 31,

He added: “I want to take this opportunity to thank all the women who have been there for me throughout my entire journey. You know who you are. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement.”

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