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Every Mistake You Missed In Stranger Things

Every Mistake You Missed In Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been a whirlwind adventure since its very first episode. It has–without a doubt– stolen the hearts of viewers with it’s heroic characters and 80s nostaligia. And it’s taken over the binge-watching world of television streaming across the globe. But it’s also made waves for some of it’s plot holes, continuity errors, inconsistencies, and more. In this video, we walk through the mistakes you might have missed in all four seasons of Stranger Things. We discuss how Everybody Forgot Will’s Birthday, including The Duffer Brothers.

We also explore how Eleven’s Storyline Got Really Confusing in Season 4. We dive into how ridiculous it is that Hopper survived that insane explosion at the end of Season 3 and why The Russian Plotline Was a Little Ridiculous. Plus, we delve into why Eddie Munson Didn’t Have To Die. We also explore why The Upside Down Makes No Sense after Season 4.

We discuss how there were Too Many Villains to Keep Up With in Season 3 and why Kali’s Powers are Super Inconsistent in Season 2. Plus, we discuss how there’s still no answer for Why Will Was Chosen by the Demogorgon if He Wasn’t Bleeding when he was taken in Season 1. Take a deep dive into some of these mistakes and theorize about possible explanations, or just come along for the ride. Either way, you should give it a watch so you can stay caught up and see which of these mistakes might be rectified in Season 5.


0:00 Intro
0:35 Everybody Forgot Will’s Birthday
1:41 Eleven’s Language Skills Are Inconsistent
3:07 The Upside Down Makes No Sense
4:39 Eleven’s Storyline Got Really Confusing
5:28 The Russian Plot-line Was A Little Ridiculous
6:40 Eddie Munson Didn’t Have to Die
7:40 Too Many Villains To Keep Up With
8:40 Kali’s Powers Are Super—Inconsistent
9:52 Why Was Will Chosen By the Demogorgon?

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Written by: Ashlyn Jensen
Narrated by: Grant Kellett
Edited by: Guillermo Arriola

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