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Everything You Missed In Stranger Things Season 4

Everything You Missed In Stranger Things Season 4


We’ve reached the monster at the end of the book for the town of Hawkins, Indiana and his name is Vecna. Or Henry. Or One. Or VH-1. Whatever you call him he’s the walking nightmare that has been behind all of Hawkins woes from the Demogorogon to the Mind Flayer and even the plan to possess Billy and create an army of the possessed. This fiery climax to the nostalgia laden series has the show reaching back not only to the 80s movies and books that have inspired it, but itself as well as elements teased seasons ago are shown in a new light as we begin to discover how the Upside Down became so horrifying. With the fourth season drawing inspiration from the horror classics of the 80s, mostly Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street there are plenty of nods to that genre and the films that made the era classic. Nods range from Altered States to Alien and the return of unspoken elements like Sara’s blue scrunchy. New friends were met, we fell in love, we faced tragedy and we also found out that we’re not done yet. Vecna is down but not defeated. Let’s dig into the secrets, nods, throwbacks, and secrets buried in the fourth season of Stranger Things. What is your favorite hidden detail or reference? What hidden gems did we miss? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest in your inbox and thanks for watching.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Music
1:29 Star Wars
1:57 Halloween
2:20 Mike Meyers Mask
2:37 Dream Warriors
3:00 Alien
3:13 Carrie
3:33 The Talisman
4:04 Altered States
4:18 Not Acting
4:34 Molly Ringwald
4:57 Collar
5:35 Master of Puppets
6:10 The Thing
6:37 Blue Hair Tie
7:11 The Stairwell
7:53 Will’s Painting
8:44 Crossword
9:09 E.T. Graffiti
9:42 Conan
10:13 Kruger
10:25 Mazes & Monsters
11:03 Newsweek
11:29 Four Chimes
12:06 Will’s Birthday
12:48 Will’s Secret
13:15 Evil Dead
13:34 Party and Benny’s
13:51 Resume
14:19 Soteria

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Guillermo Arriola

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