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Fans Campaign for Release of Beenie Gunter from Abu Dhabi Following Detention

Fans Campaign for Release of Beenie Gunter from Abu Dhabi Following Detention

Ugandan music fans are in uproar as news broke of popular dancehall artist, Beenie Gunter, being detained in Abu Dhabi. The singer, whose real name is Crescent Baguma, was arrested in Dubai on Sunday and transferred to Abu Dhabi for further investigations. Fans are now campaigning for his release, as his detention continues.

The Scuffle

According to a team member close to the singer, Beenie Gunter was involved in a scuffle with event promoters in Abu Dhabi on Monday, January 8th. The altercation reportedly began after two promoters had a disagreement following the singer’s performance at V-Club in Dubai. The situation turned physical, and Beenie Gunter, who was trying to play peacemaker, ended up getting beaten. The scuffle caught the attention of authorities, and the property where the fight took place was left vandalized.

Beenie Gunter’s Troubles Continue:

The singer was traveling back to Uganda with his baby mama, Nickie Berry, when he was arrested at a Dubai airport. He was transferred to Abu Dhabi, where he is currently being detained as investigations into the matter continue. The involved parties are also expected to pay for the damages caused during the altercation.

Fans Call For Release:

As news of Beenie Gunter’s detention spread, his fans took to social media to campaign for his release. The singer’s partner, Nickie Berry, also had to travel back to Uganda alone and is working tirelessly to secure his release. Fans are using hashtags such as #FreeBeenieGunter and #JusticeForBeenieGunter to express their support for the singer and demand his release.

Benie Gunter

The Bigger Picture:

This incident sheds light on the often underlooked issue of artist mistreatment in the music industry. Artists are often caught in the middle of disagreements between promoters and event organizers, leading to physical altercations and even arrests. Mudra D’ Viral, a fellow Ugandan artist, has called for unity and non-violence among artists in the music industry.

Possible Consequences:

The situation in Abu Dhabi could have severe consequences for Beenie Gunter if found guilty of any wrongdoing. His career may suffer, and he could face legal repercussions. The incident also highlights the need for artists to have proper representation and protection when traveling for performances.


The news of Beenie Gunter’s detention in Abu Dhabi has caused an uproar among his fans and the Ugandan music industry. As investigations continue, fans are calling for his release, and his partner is working tirelessly to secure his freedom. This incident also brings to light the mistreatment of artists in the music industry and the need for proper representation and protection while traveling for performances.

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