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PDM Chief Criticizes Finance Ministry for Delayed Funds

PDM Chief Criticizes Finance Ministry for Delayed Funds

The Parish Development Model (PDM) Deputy National Coordinator, Joveline Kalisa, has openly criticized the Finance Ministry for delaying the disbursement of essential poverty alleviation funds. During a workshop in Kabale District, Kalisa emphasized that frequent changes in disbursement guidelines have significantly slowed down fund releases.

Delayed Disbursement Issues

Kalisa highlighted the Finance Ministry’s repeated alterations to guidelines, which she claims hinder timely fund release. “The guidelines keep changing, and this delays the disbursement process,” she stated, stressing the mission given by President Museveni to ensure funds reach the people.

Impact on Beneficiaries

The delayed disbursements have had a profound impact on farmers, especially during the dry season when funds are most needed. Kalisa pointed out that the current timing of fund release does not align with agricultural cycles, complicating the implementation of income-generating activities.

Challenges Faced

Kalisa also criticized the national PDM secretariat for inefficiencies, including ignoring beneficiaries’ complaints. This misalignment between central directives and local needs has hindered the success of the PDM program, launched in 2022 to uplift over 3.5 million households out of poverty.

Broader Issues

The issues with fund disbursement are not isolated to the Kigezi sub-region but are reported across Uganda. Some beneficiaries have only received partial funds, raising concerns that remaining funds may revert to the Consolidated Fund as the financial year ends.

Government’s Commitment

Despite the setbacks, the government has released substantial funds for the PDM program over the past two financial years, with over Shs1.5 trillion allocated, including Shs150 million per parish. Kalisa’s remarks came during a two-day workshop aimed at identifying and addressing the disbursement challenges in districts like Rukungiri and Kabale.

In conclusion , the delayed disbursement of PDM funds underscores the need for better coordination and adherence to guidelines that consider the needs of local beneficiaries. Addressing these issues is crucial for the success of the PDM program and its goal of poverty alleviation.


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