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Stranger Things Foreshadowed Eddie's Death

Stranger Things Foreshadowed Eddie's Death


Most of us can agree that Eddie’s passing was one of the saddest moments of Stranger Things 4, but did you notice it was his bat themed tattoo that foreshadowed his untimely fate? Eddie must’ve really be a huge fan of bats if he got a swarm of them tatted on his right forearm, but to also end up meeting his end by a swarm of demobats, is too much of a coincidence to say that the Duffer brothers didn’t purposely add in this detail. There are many more moments, subtle and overt, of foreshadowing throughout stranger things and in this video we will be exploring more than a few just to give you an idea of how much the Duffer Brothers utilize foreshadowing in their storytelling.

It wouldn’t be surprising if upcoming events in stranger things 5, have already been foreshadowed in the latest episodes. Especially considering Stranger Things 4 was made as the beginning of the end of the finale of the series. We’ll probably come back with an updated list whenever the next season drops but for now, let us know if you caught any other foreshadowing throughout the show in the comments, and we hope this video shines a light on some foreshadowing moments you may not have been aware of throughout the series!


0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Jason’s Demise
1:40 – Broken Clock
2:33 – DnD Game Season 4
3:14 – Another Eddie Foreshadow
4:15 – Stranger Things 4 Promotional Poster
4:43 – Billy as Vecna
5:40 – DnD Game Season 3
6:15 – DnD Mindflayer
6:38 – “Don’t Mess Around With Jim”
7:10 – Arcade Games Season 2
7:52 – Russian Invasion
8:19 – Venkman Debate
8:50 – DnD Game Season 1

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