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Stranger Things Pitch Meeting

Stranger Things Pitch Meeting

Step into the pitch meeting that started the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things! Subscribe to our channel for more pitch meetings:

Ever wonder how Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things got its start? What’s the deal with Eleven loving waffles so much, or Barb getting absolutely recked by a Demogorgon? Why was Will kept alive but she wasn’t? Does Mike have a thing for powerful women? Step inside the pitch meeting that started it all!

In the small town of Hawkins Indiana, a lot of strange things are happening. Like, very strange things. Follow the adventures of a bunch of kids trying to find their friend Will who disappeared into the mysterious realm known as the Upside Down. Also watch as Eggos become a cultural phenomenon for the first time in over 2 decades, thanks to a superpowered girl named Eleven. Netflix, you’ve done it again!

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Video by Ryan George @TheRyanGeorge

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