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Uganda and South Korea Sign $500M Infrastructure Loan Agreement

Uganda and South Korea Sign $500M Infrastructure Loan Agreement

Uganda has entered a significant agreement with South Korea, securing a $500 million (about Shs1.9 trillion) loan to fund various infrastructure projects. This deal was formalized during the Korea-Africa summit in Seoul, with Uganda’s Finance Minister Matia Kasaija and South Korea’s Foreign Affairs Minister Cho Tae-yul signing the Framework Agreement.

Key Details of the Loan Agreement

The loan, provided by South Korea’s EXIM Bank, aims to enhance Uganda’s infrastructure, although specific projects were not detailed. Historically, Uganda has allocated borrowed funds to road and energy projects, crucial for its development goals.

Economic Implications for Uganda

This new credit comes amid concerns about Uganda’s escalating public debt, which stood at $24.6 billion as of December 31, 2023. The substantial borrowing for infrastructure has been a double-edged sword, fueling development but also leading to debt challenges. Recently, Moody’s downgraded Uganda’s credit rating, citing “diminished debt affordability.”

Historical Context and Future Prospects

Uganda’s continuous investment in infrastructure is part of a broader strategy to stimulate economic growth and development. However, the growing debt burden poses a significant risk, highlighting the need for careful financial management.

In conlusion , the $500 million loan agreement between Uganda and South Korea represents a crucial step in Uganda’s infrastructure development. While it promises enhanced infrastructure, it also necessitates vigilant management of the country’s debt to ensure sustainable growth.



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