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Uganda Faces Blood Shortage Crisis: Call for Donors

Uganda Faces Blood Shortage Crisis: Call for Donors

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) has raised an urgent alarm over a critical shortage of blood in hospitals across the country. This dire situation was highlighted during a recent blood donation drive in Kampala, organized by UBTS in partnership with Uganda Free Zones Authority. The initiative aimed to provide a platform for individuals willing to donate blood and save lives.

The Current Blood Shortage Crisis

According to Ms. Esther Awora, a blood donor recruiter, Uganda’s healthcare system is under immense pressure due to the increasing burden of various diseases. Despite efforts, the country still requires more blood to sustain accredited medical facilities. Ms. Awora emphasized the need for public and organizational support to mobilize blood donors.

“We have to encourage the public and other organizations to come and support in the mobilization towards the donation of blood. Through that, we shall continue saving many lives,” said Awora.

Annual Blood Collection Targets

UBTS has set an ambitious target to collect 300,000 units of blood annually. However, achieving this goal has proven challenging due to the growing demand from accident victims, sickle cell patients, major surgeries, cancer patients, and those suffering from anemia.

Heroes Day Blood Donation Drive

In anticipation of Heroes Day, the Uganda Free Zones Authority, led by publicist Doreen Kembabazi, joined the effort to encourage blood donations. Kembabazi commended donors, stating that everyone who donates blood is a hero, saving lives of mothers, fathers, children, and others in dire need.

“Anyone who donates blood is saving a mother, father, a child among others who is in need,” Kembabazi affirmed.

National Blood Donation Campaigns

Kembabazi also mentioned that similar charitable drives will be organized nationwide to address the blood shortage crisis. Such campaigns are vital in ensuring a steady supply of blood for medical emergencies and ongoing treatments.

Addressing the Growing Need

The need for blood in Uganda is escalating due to increased cases of accidents, sickle cell disease, major surgeries, cancer, and anemia. Blood transfusion is a critical component in treating these conditions, making the availability of donated blood a matter of life and death.

In conclusion , the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services calls upon the public and various organizations to step up and support blood donation initiatives. By mobilizing donors, Uganda can overcome this blood shortage crisis and continue saving countless lives. Every donor is a hero, and every donation counts.


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