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Ugandan Police Summon MPs Over Budgeting Corruption Allegations

Ugandan Police Summon MPs Over Budgeting Corruption Allegations

Investigation Initiated by Presidential Directive

Ugandan police have summoned several Members of Parliament and top Finance Ministry officials to investigate alleged corruption in national budgeting. President Museveni ordered this probe after his State-of-the-Nation Address.

President Museveni’s Address

During the address, President Museveni revealed evidence of collusion between legislators and accounting officers to allocate public resources in exchange for kickbacks. This directive comes after MPs rejected his amnesty proposal for suspected government thieves.

Details of the Summons

The implicated individuals are required to appear at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in Kampala. It’s unclear if they will be questioned as suspects or witnesses. The CID, alongside the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), aims to prosecute those found guilty.

Response from Officials

At press time, the names of the summoned MPs and finance officials were not disclosed. CID Director Tom Magambo and Finance Ministry Spokesman Jim Mugunga were unavailable for comment. Parliament Spokesman Chris Obore could not be reached.

Allegations of Corruption

President Museveni’s revelations stem from long-standing rumors of graft within the government. Intelligence agencies have reported that some lawmakers accept bribes to increase budget allocations, a practice referred to as “kicking the ball to the wall.” Corrupt officials receive larger budgets and face less scrutiny, while incorruptible ones encounter budget challenges.

Call for Accountability

The President stressed the need for accountability, likening corrupt officials to traitors. He differentiated between those who make mistakes and those who intentionally engage in corruption, advocating for counseling for the former and strict action against the latter.

In conclusion , this investigation marks a significant step in addressing budgeting corruption in Uganda. As the probe progresses, further details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the extent of the graft and the individuals involved.


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