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Vergil Ortiz’s Career Nearly Ended Before Trip to Hospital

Vergil Ortiz’s Career Nearly Ended Before Trip to Hospital

Vergil Ortiz: Right Before I Went To The Hospital, At That Point I Thought My Career Was Over

When it happened again, this time much closer to a fight than the two previous instances, Vergil Ortiz Jr. understandably wondered whether he would ever fight again.

Severely dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion, Ortiz was on his way to a hospital in San Antonio, distraught because his shot at WBA world welterweight champion Eimantas Stanionis was postponed for the third time early in July. It was also the third time in 15 months that physical issues caused the highly regarded knockout artist to pull out of a fight.

“When everything went down, right before I went to the hospital, at that point I thought my career was over,” Ortiz told in advance of his return to the ring against Fredrick Lawson on Saturday night in Las Vegas. “I was just like, ‘Man, again?


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