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25 Things You Missed In Stranger Things Season 3

25 Things You Missed In Stranger Things Season 3

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Think you know everything about Stranger Things? Well tune into this video to see the 25 things you may have missed in the third season of Netflix’s strangest show. Sure, there’s a lot happening in the foreground, but just like the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana there’s a lot going on just beneath the surface. And while the Upside Down continues to throw surprises at our favorite characters, the Duffer Brothers and the whole creative team working behind the scenes, always give us easter eggs to discover, hidden messages to dissect, and sight gags to enjoy.

Throughout the season we’re treated to references to famous movies and TV shows from the awesome 80’s – whether it’s Back to the Future, Dawn of the Dead, Caddyshack, Cocoon, Die Hard, Gremlins, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Halloween 2, Evil Dead, Making Contact, Cheers, Magnum P.I., or Miami Vice. Plus, we get nods to 90’s flicks like Camp Nowhere and Jurassic Park. Also, anyone from the eighties will recognize the importance of a social hangout at the local shopping mall, swimming pool, and carnival – and these places get a decent amount of screen-time in the show. Beyond that, we’re treated to mentions of New Coke and Jolt Cola, we see Cary Elwes put into a compromising position that harkens back to his role in Saw, hair products and cereal, comic book lore and adult magazine sightings, Weird Al cameos and more. In season 3, characters developed further, situations became more dire, and things became more… well… stranger than ever before.

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