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5 Stranger Things Characters That Could Be “The American”

5 Stranger Things Characters That Could Be “The American”

We’ll be wondering which American they were referring to until Season 4 of Stranger Things! Subscribe to our channel:

With eight epic episodes, classic 80’s vibes, and a giant battle with the Mind Flayer controlled monster, Stranger Things 3 was certainly memorable, but one of the main things people are talking about is one of the final lines in the season. You know the one — about “The American”. The one trapped in the cell. Introduced in season three, Mayor Larry Kline was as shady as they come — choosing money and payouts over a true vision for the town of Hopkins. At the end of the season, a fictional news report shows the Mayor getting busting and ousted from his leadership position — but where does he go from there? One of the big reveals in the second season of Stranger Things was that Dr. Brenner is in fact, still alive after his presumed death from the first season. And even though he’s still alive, we saw no sign of the doc in season 3 of the show, leaving his whereabouts pretty much up in the air. She’s a blip on the ol’ Stranger Things radar by now, but some fans cannot just let go of Barb. Despite her gruesome attack and the showcase of her dead body, many of us are holding out hope that “The American” behind the prison door is none other than Barb! What a journey she would have been on if she somehow survived the upside down only to get captured by Russians.

But WHO could this mysterious American be? We all KNOW we truly think it is and want it to be, but let’s break things down to cover not only that option, but some Duffer Brothers swerves that could really throw us for a loop.

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