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6 Issues With Stranger Things Season 2 That Are Hard To Ignore

6 Issues With Stranger Things Season 2 That Are Hard To Ignore

Don’t even get us started on Episode 7… 6 Serious Issues With Stranger Things Season 2 That Are Hard To Ignore! Subscribe to our channel:

Stranger Things Season 2 has really lived up to the hype. After months of anticipation, fans have loved streaming and binge watching all nine episodes of the second season. Even though the second season had so many great moments, there are some major issues that are pretty hard to ignore. Spoilers will follow!

In the very first scene of season two, we are introduced to number 8 and see her powers in action. The powers make sense at first until they are scattered around way too much and used for more a convenience rather than anything logical. The core of season one was the journey between Eleven and Mike. This is why it’s so disappointing that the two characters don’t reunite until extremely late in the season. Will may not be in the upside down anymore, but he still has a lot to deal with, almost a little too much. A lot of new characters were introduced in Stranger Things 2, but Billy was by far the worst of them. Episode 7 will always stand out as one of the strangest and weirdest parts of the whole Stranger Things franchise. It felt like a fan fiction cartoon that did not fit with the rest of the series. Mike was one of the main leads in the first season, but he kind of gets lost in Season 2 and a lot of his great moments are taken away. Watch to see these issues with Stranger Things season 2 and find out which ones you agree with!

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