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The Most Intense Moments of Stranger Things Season 2

The Most Intense Moments of Stranger Things Season 2

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Stranger Things 2 is filled with intense moment, crazy stories, and plenty of scares. The second season included nine episodes of these incredible moments and multiple times we gasped while watching. Relive all these spectacular moments and remember why the season was so great.

Dustin comes across a small creature he decides to name Dart, but gets a little more than he bargained for when the family gets eaten alive. Eleven’s big return to her group of friends included the death of a demogorgon that went smashing through a window. The shadow creature upped the ante on scares and we probably haven’t seen the last of it yet. Bob’s death was heroic and something that many fans expected. Eleven had to close to the gate and did so using some of her strongest powers yet. Maybe she got inspiration when she reunited with Mike moments before. When Eleven had to escape the Upside Down, she forced to survive in the wilderness for a bit and did so by killing a squirrel. Will decides to stand up to the shadow creature and gets a lot more than he bargained for. Dustin debuted a sweet new hairstyle for the special Snow Ball dance. Hopper decided to go into the Upside Down on his own and found himself trapped in a bunch of different vines. Hopper adopts Jane at the end of the series, giving her a permanent home in Hawkins. When the power goes out, the scares increase for everyone trapped inside the building. Billy and Steve have a huge brawl that ends in chaos and includes a little involvement from Max. Watch to see all 25 of these crazy moments!

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