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Police Arrest 19 Suspected Criminal Gang Members in Arua City

Police Arrest 19 Suspected Criminal Gang Members in Arua City

In a significant crackdown on crime, Ugandan police have arrested 19 suspected criminal gang members in Arua City. This operation was part of an ongoing effort to address the increasing criminal activities in the region.

Details of the Operation

The arrests took place in various areas, including Awindiri Hill, Ediofe Trading Center, Prisons Cell Oli, and Smash Roundabout. These locations had been plagued by burglary, break-ins, muggings, and bag-snatching incidents.

Evidence Recovered

Police recovered opium and breaking implements from the suspects during the operation. These items are currently held as evidence pending further investigations.

Official Statement

Josephine Angucia, the regional police spokesperson for the West Nile Sub-Region, confirmed the arrests. She stated that the suspects are in custody, awaiting screening and investigation. Once the investigations are complete, the case file will be forwarded to the resident state attorney for legal advice and subsequent court action.

Continued Efforts

Angucia emphasized that such operations would continue to combat criminal gangs and organized crime effectively. This ongoing initiative aims to restore peace and safety to the affected communities.

Community Impact

The arrests have been a relief to the residents of Arua City, who have long suffered from the criminal activities of these gangs. The police’s proactive measures are expected to significantly reduce crime in the area.

In conclusion , the successful operation by the Ugandan police marks a crucial step in combating crime in Arua City. Continued vigilance and law enforcement efforts are essential to ensure lasting safety and security for the residents.


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