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Stranger Things: Every Kid Experimented On By Hawkins Labs

Stranger Things: Every Kid Experimented On By Hawkins Labs

What happened to all the other kinds that were experimented on at Kawkins Lab? Subscribe to our channel:

Stranger Things has put the emphasis and focus on the journey of number Eleven and her time at Hawkins Lab — but ever since we first saw that number placed on her wrist, we knew there were other kids involved at the lab — but who exactly are they? Well, today we’re going to deep dive into the expanded universe of Stranger Things to showcase who the show has featured, what other forms of media have showcased, and to help fill in the various numbers. Oh yeah — there’s a creepy set of twins that will give those little Shining girls a run for their money as well.

The Hawkins Laboratory may have been shut down by the end of Stranger Things season 2, but the building still holds a ton of secrets that are slowly getting revealed — both on the show and through media like books and comics. Among the biggest secrets we want know? Who the other numbers are. Of course — when the actual show dove into this — it created one of the most polarizing episodes of the series with the in-depth focus on Eight, but there’s a lot more interest in the other possible numbers.

So now let’s do some quick math here. Assuming Eleven is the last of the numbers before Hawkins Laboratory shut down, we have numbers one to ten to account for. After already covering three, six, eight, and the nine twins — there are many spots for other Hawkins numbers we are unaware of. This includes One, Two, Four, Five, Seven, and Ten. While there is no direct confirmation, there have been numerous hints at who or what these numbers might be. Watch to learn about all of these child lab experiments and who they might be!

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