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Stranger Things Theory: One Character Is Secretly Working For The Russians

Stranger Things Theory: One Character Is Secretly Working For The Russians

Could this character be secretly working for the Russians in Stranger Things Season 3? Subscribe to our channel:

There was no denying the fact that, when Stranger Things season three was finally released, it would be a huge sensation. The first two couldn’t have made a bigger splash if they tried. But, even though it seems impossible, this third season has broken all the records set by the first two. And for good reason! It’s back and better than ever, with all of our favourite characters and some seriously insane drama! But be warned as you read ahead, there are some big spoilers coming right up.

Aside from the death of a certain someone, the post-credits scene from the final episode really made the biggest impression of the season! It raised even more questions than we already had, and one huge on in particular. Which is: could the evil Dr Brenner be working with the Russians? The more we look back at the season, the more it all seems possible! For instance, we know that he totally disappeared after season one, and unlike the rest of his colleagues from the Hawkins Lab, was never tracked down by Eleven’s sister. We also know that the Russians have a ton of information about what went on in Hawkins that they could only have gotten from a source inside the lab, that lines up perfectly with Brenner’s disappearance. Whether he went willingly to the other side and began sharing information, or was kidnapped, held prisoner, and tortured for his intelligence, we don’t know. But it seems likely that he will be back for season four. Either way, it’s going to be the showdown of the century.

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