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Teddy Atlas’s Verdict On ‘Exposed’ Deontay Wilder After Parker Loss

Teddy Atlas’s Verdict On ‘Exposed’ Deontay Wilder After Parker Loss

Deontay Wilder lost the third fight of his professional career at the hands of Joseph Parker this month, looking a shadow of his former dangerous self.

Whilst all credit must go to the New Zealander for negating Wilder’s dangerous power shots, famed analyst and trainer Teddy Atlas believes that the American has never learned how to fight properly

“He didn’t know how to fight. He never really got taught, or at least he didn’t learn the things that you need to learn to be more than a big banger. And they gave him the right guys and he banged them out, he had trouble with Ortiz and he got to Ortiz late.”

“It was not indicative of how he good he was, it was just guys that he could hit and he knocked them out. But when he fought that he couldn’t knock out, like Fury and Parker now, some of those shortcomings really came to the surface.”

Parker stayed out of mid-range over the course of twelve rounds, controlling centre ring from the outside before bursting in and catching Wilder with overhand rights to win a shutout on the cards.

It’s no secret that Wilder searches for the knockout, and Atlas believes that he has zero chance of ever out-boxing an opponent.


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