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Trainer of Jermall Charlo Hopes Canelo Fight Takes Place in 2024

Trainer of Jermall Charlo Hopes Canelo Fight Takes Place in 2024

Cash rules everything, doesn’t it? Even some of the most mentally strong individuals have buckled when giant wads of cash were thrown in their faces. Jermall Charlo, by and large, isn’t moved by millions of dollars. So, when Canelo Alvarez came arbitrarily knocking on his door earlier this year, the Houston native was bemused by his appearance.

Charlo has always wanted to get his hands on the Mexican star. The now 33-year-old believed that Alvarez was good but the aura of invincibility that surrounded him was nothing more than a facade. After years of listening to his audacious trash talk, Alvarez told Charlo to come prove it.

Ultimately, Charlo declined, despite being offered life-changing money. His reasoning was simple, Charlo felt there was an incredible amount of rust that infiltrated his game. With the middleweight champ opting to decline Alvarez’s offer, his brother, Jermell Charlo, stepped in while Jermall broke a two-and-a-half-year stint on the sidelines by handing Jose Benavidez Jr. a recent beatdown.

Alvarez, subsequently, took care of business against Jermell. Now, he’s sifting through a number of names for his next opponent. Ronnie Shields, Jermall’s trainer, isn’t going to beg Alvarez for his attention. Nevertheless, he is convinced that his fighter would make the perfect dance partner.

Like the rest of the super middleweight division, the elite of the weight class are waiting by the phone, hoping and praying that Alvarez gives them a ring. Shields would be mendacious if he came out and said a fight with Alvarez wasn’t important to his dominant fighter. However, Shields did acknowledge that the pound-for-pound star is the obvious shot-caller in this situation. And, like everyone else, he’s waiting to see if Alvarez gives Jermall another chance at proving that he isn’t as good as he says he is.

“I would hope that happens,” Shields told when asked if Jermall and Alvarez will meet in 2024. “Canelo chooses his opponents. It’s up to him.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the fight, Shields has remained optimistic that it will take place. He believes that it could be a highly competitive affair, with both boxers going blow-for-blow. In addition, the fight could potentially determine the next great middleweight, allowing the victor to write their own legacy.

“I think Jermall would give him a great fight,” Shields added. “I think it would be a great fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes the distance because they’re both going to be very competitive. I think it’s a great fight for boxing. It’s a fight that has to happen.”

At the end of the day, the decision is in Alvarez’s hands. He will be the one to determine if the fight with Charlo will be a reality. If it does, the boxing world will be in for an epic encounter between two of the best fighters in the world.



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