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Stranger Things Theory: The Mind Flayer Is 001

Stranger Things Theory: The Mind Flayer Is 001

Could the Mind Flayer have an even deeper connection to Eleven than we thought? Subscribe to our channel:

After haunting Will in Season 2 of Stranger Things, the Mind Flayer was back and more dangerous than ever in Season 3 of the show. And while we got to know more about the monster and its motives, there is still a lot of mystery hidden among the shadows of the Upside Down.

While nothing has been revealed as of yet, we have a theory that connects the Mind Flayer to Eleven, the Hawkins National Laboratory, and the experiments Dr. Brenner has conducted over the years. After the huge reveal of Number Eight in Season 2, Eleven didn’t meet up with any other numbers in Season 3 of Stranger Things, kind of leaving her history of the Hawkins Lab up in the air. But, what if the whole time she did actually encounter another number — what if the Mind Flayer is actually Number One? Now hear us out, as we break things down, speculate a little bit, and discuss the personal vendetta the Mind Flayer seems to have against Eleven. Knowing Eleven’s powers, and the reality altering powers of Number Eight — we have to wonder if Number One had similar abilities, or abilities so strong that they ended up creating the alternate dimension known as the Upside Down. Maybe the Mind Flayer wasn’t formed in the Upside Down, but Number One created this dimension and has been trapped there for several years. Part of Eleven’s experiments shown back in season one of the show focus on her going into a suspended tank and finding a way to travel great distances.

So let’s dive in to reveal who or what the Mind Flayer could really be and how it all relates to potential storylines in Season 4.

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